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    What Are Your Wraps Good For
    Inch Loss, Toning, Weight Loss, Weight Control, Cellulite Reduction, Cardiovascular Conditioning, Skin Conditioning, Detoxification, Stress Relief and Relaxation.
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    Who Can Get A Wrap
    We can only wrap women up to size 18 and men up to a size 42" waist. Anyone under 18 must have their parents permission. Senior clients would need to provide a doctor's note prior to services. Restrictions may apply to clients with medical conditions, therefore management has the right to refuse services.
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    What Areas Will I Lose The Most In
    Most clients see the majority of their inch loss from their midsection, thighs, arms, hips and back. Anywhere you are soft and flabby is where you will tone up the most. Our wraps work differently on everybody whether you are size 2 or 18.
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    Whats In Your Bodywrap Fomula
    Our formula is proprietary but an essential ingredient is Collagen which makes up 75% of our skin and 30% of our body. As we age our body's production of collagen slows down, thus our wraps will replenish your skin's elasticity.
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    Will The Inches I Lose With The Wraps/Laser Come Back
    Your inch loss is permanent as long as you maintain your weight. Due to detoxing and purging toxins and impurities out your system our clients have reported they were able to maintain their inch loss by keeping their weight within 2-3 pounds
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    Will I See Immediate Results
    Most clients are able to see a visible difference in their bodies. We also will be taking a measurement before and after and we take pictures with the Laser services.
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    How Often Can I Do The Laser/Wraps
    When you leave our facility if you follow our tips you are going to continue lose more inches and get smaller. Based on your own individual goals and schedules you can come up to 2 times a week.
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    Is Your Wrap The Same As Suddenly Slender, IT Works or Formastar Wraps
    We are not affiliated with any of those companies. Our body wrap concept is unique that it allows our clients the opportunity to relax while our state of the art equipment activates our solution and produces the heat for you. You will be burning calories and fat while increasing your metabolism.
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