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Please refrain from eating anything heavy 2 hours prior. Our wraps are a combination of detoxification and compression, thus you will need to drink an adequate amount of water daily so that you are not dehydrated when you arrive. Any garment's that we wrap you in will get wet, therefore women need to bring an extra pair of undergarments (bra & panties) nothing red, fuchsia or pink in color to be wrapped in and men are asked to bring an extra pair of boxers or briefs and a pair of jogging shorts.To see a visable difference in your clothes once your wrap is complete please avoid wearing anything too tight. Last we ask that you consult your physician prior to booking your appointment if you have any medical conditions. We reserve the right to refuse service to any client that has a medical condition that has contraindications, to anyone who has an infectious disease or anyone who doesn't abide by the health & safety guidelines.
WHAT IS YOUR WRAP GOOD FOR? Inch Loss, Toning, Weight Loss, Weight Control, Cellulite Reduction, Cardiovascular Conditioning, Skin Conditioning, Detoxification, Stress Relief and Relaxation.
WHO WILL YOU WRAP?  All of our clients after being wrapped will be dressed in a specialized suit. Our suit's only go up to a certain size; therefore we can only wrap women up to size 18 and men up to a size 42" waist. Anyone under 18 must have their parents permission. Senior clients would need to provide a doctor's note prior to services. Restrictions may apply to clients with medical conditions, therefore management has the right to refuse services.
HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE? Our wrap services are personalized therefore your first visit can 2-3 hours depending on your services. Any wraps you do after your first wrap will only take an hour in a half.     
WHY ARE YOUR WRAPS SO AFFORDABLE? Our wraps were designed for those clients who would like to get faster results, the more wraps you do the more results you will see. We set our prices so you could incorporate the wraps into your daily, weekly or monthly routine and be a walking, talking testimony.
WHAT AREA'S WILL I LOSE THE MOST IN AND WHO DOES IT WORK BEST ON?  Most clients see the majority of their inch loss from their midsection, thighs, arms, hips and back. Anywhere you are soft and flabby is where you will tone up the most. Our wraps work differently on each individual, it doesn't matter if you are a size 2 or 18, you will still lose inches off your body!

WHAT'S IN YOUR FORMULA? Our formula is exclusive but an essential ingredient is Collagen which makes up 75% of our skin and 30% of our body. As we age our body's production of collagen slows down, thus our wraps will replenish the collagen back into your system and help your skin's elasticity.  
CAN I SEE MY INCH LOSS WHEN I'M DONE?  Most clients are able to see a visible difference in their bodies. We also will be taking a measurement before and after. We suggest on the day of your wrap that you refrain from wearing sweat pants, or anything with elastic in the waist so you can see a difference in your clothes too.    
WILL THE INCHES I LOSE COME BACK ONCE I DRINK WATER? Your inch loss is permanent as long as you maintain your weight. Due to detoxing and purging toxins and impurities out your system our  clients have reported they were able to maintain their inch loss by keeping their weight within 2 pounds from the weight they were the day they did their body wraps. When you leave our facility we encourage our clients to continue to drink a sufficient amount of water so that you can continue to detox.   
DOES THE WRAP HELP YOU LOSE WEIGHT OR BODY FAT? Weight loss is not guaranteed but a bonus for our clients. We have a digital scale in our restroom so that you may weight yourself before and after the bodywrap if you like. Some of our clients have experienced a weight loss of .6-4 pounds after their body wrap was completed inside our facility. We can't guarantee weight loss since we can't control how our clients will eat when you leave or what state your body is in, but we can say a lot of our clients have reported seeing 1-3 pounds off the scale within 2-3 days and their body fat also decreased up to 1-2%.  
HOW OFTEN CAN I DO YOUR WRAPS?  When you leave our facility if you follow our tips you are going to continue lose more inches and get smaller. Based on your own individual goals and the demand for our wraps during the summer months, there is a 2 wrap limit per client per week.
CAN I SHOWER AFTERWARDS? Due to the detoxification process your skin will smell fresh and feel revitalized after the bodywrap. We recommend you do not shower for at least 4-6 hours after your wrap, so you don't hinder the effectiveness of the body wrap. The formula will still be working on your body when you leave. Wipes, Baggies, Hair Spray, Soap and Moisturizers will be provided.  
WHAT ARE THE OTHER BENEFITS OF DOING YOUR WRAPS? Increased Metabolism, Energy and Blood Circulation. Stress reductions and some clients even experience pain relief from Arthritis, Rheumatoid, Tendonitis, Gout, MigraineHeadaches and Fibromyalgia.   
IS YOUR WRAP THE SAME AS THE SUDDENLY SLENDER BODY WRAPS, FORMOSTAR BODY WRAPS, OR IT WORKS BODY WRAPS?  We are not affiliated with Victoria Morton Suddenly Slender Wraps, Suddenly Slimmer Body Wraps, Formostar Body wraps or It Works. Our body wrap concept is unique that it allows our clients the opportunity to relax while our state of the art equipment which activates our solution and produces the heat for you. This will have you burning calories and fat while increasing your metabolism. Our body wrap system also differs from the Formostar system as we don't wrap you in your clothes. Instead your body is wrapped with our pre-soaked bands around your body to contour and help you with your inch loss, measurements are taken and our equipment does the rest. FYI...all of these concepts are unique in their own rights. It is up to you the customer to do your homework as the final choice is yours.   
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