Fit & Fabulous
Bodywraps-Laser Lipo

  1. Waist Trainer Fitting (Free)
    Call and set up an appointment to come in and be professionally fitted for a waist trainer. Get those myths out of your head about not being able to breathe as we fit our clients to size so they can be comfortable in the garment and not shift be shifting their organs. Personally testimonials that are coming in about our trainers and our sculpting gel are amazing.
  2. 30 Minute Sauna Session $30
    Come in and sit and relax in one of our Infrared Sauna's and purge those unwanted toxins out of you body. While doing so based on the research of the sauna you will be detoxing and burning calories and fat. Infrared Sauna's also assist with weight loss and a lot of medical benefits.
  3. Ionic Foot Bath/Massage $40
    Lounge back to our soothing chair massage all while detoxing through your feet. Our foot spa will re-balance and re-energize bio-energy through your feet. Our foot spa has both positive and negatives ions which will enable your bodies natural re-balancing process system...
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