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I've Dropped 2 Dress Sizes For My Wedding
These wraps really work! I've dropped two dress sizes for my wedding and I know going regular has been a key aspect. Not to mention Patrice is excellent and knowledgeable, and goes out of her way to accommodate you. She has refined her system to give you maximum benefits in a short but relaxing period of time, and using premium products that give rapid results. Highly recommended! happyreviews040404  Last edited on 10/1/2015
Excellent service and product
I have not worn a bikini in years - thanks to Fit & Fabulous, it was possible to be bikni ready after 3 sessions - just in time for a beach wedding I was in. Patrice is phenominal. The service and products she provides is impeccable. Patrice was absolutely right; I continued to burn calories days after my last wrap session!! My stomach maintained it's tightness, and my skin has a nice glow. The environment at Fit & Fabulous definitely caters to pampering. It was one of the most pleasurable spa experiences I've ever encountered. Thanks, Patrice for everything; I will definitely refer your services to my friends, family and co-workers. Stoney1
Lost 8 inches and 10 Pounds on my First Wrap
I was very impressed with both the services provided and the results! Drove all the way from Athens, GA to use Fit & Fabulous Bodywraps and will be back for many more in the future!! Lost 8 inches and 10 pounds on my first wrap! AMAZING RESULTS!!! cfouche
The Description of this Spa is in the name, "Fabulous"
I drive from Snellville to Kennesaw twice a week after work for their wraps. The wraps really work. I have gone down 3 pants sizes in the 3 weeks (6 wraps). You couldn't ask for better service. They treat you like your royalty. The price is WONDERFUL and worth the drive. S. Walker
Amazing wrap that really works!!!!
I am from WV and my boyfriend looked up the website and made an appointment for me. We were visiting family in Ga. and I have always wanted to try a wrap. I went to Fit and Fabulous and the name speaks for itself.. I went two times and I had amazing results. When I returned to work back in WV, the girls at my work was impressed they instantly said that it looked like I lost a lot of weight. Actually it was really inches. My skin is now toned and looks great!!! Patrice was awesome she made me feel comfortable and it was relaxing... Cant wait to visit again!!! I recommend this to anyone. It is a awesome experience. Thanks again Patrice and look forward in seeing you again...Stephc33
I Was A Little Skeptical  
I was a little skeptical and unsure of what my results would be, but after reading all the great reviews on here, I called a few weeks back and scheduled my first appointment. My first wrap was about a week and a half ago and I loved it. Patrice was so nice and professional, and really took the time to explain everything and answer all my questions. Even if the wrap had just been super relaxing, it would have been worth it. However, I did lose 4 1/2 inches and it has stayed off, my skin was so much softer, and the cellulite on my thighs is so much better. I am already planning my second appointment, and have recommended Fit and Fabulous to all of my friends at work. Sarahthequeen05
Helped my Confidence for Baring my Body in My Bikini
I was impressed at the personalized efforts made to make my experience at Fit & Fabulous Body Wraps such a wonderful and relaxing one. I was able to slim and tighten up those trouble spots which helped my confidence for baring my body in my bikini for vacation. I will definately be back! CartersvilleGal 
After 4 Kids and 2 C-Sections
I must say I was really skeptical because after 4 kids, 2 csections and my oldest being 23; I thought my skin was too damaged to see dramatic results! We'll to my surprise; my first wrap yielded 7 inches off my waist and a total of 26 inches overall!!! And for the record, I wasn't 300 lbs(not to be mean to people who may weigh this) but rather 150; results were simply amazing and the health benefits of the sauna and the professionalism of Patrice made all the difference! Bigger Bonus of my BODYWRAP: My husband was so skeptical at first and thought I would be wasting my time and money BUT that night in bed, he grabbed me and said, "Hey, your waist and thighs are this my wife!!...You better not get too skinny! This was my first wrap People!! That's why all I can say is WOW! My picture is on the sight already!!! Results72

Nothing Compares to the Results of Fit & Fabulous
Had Suddenly Slimmer wraps in the past but nothing compares to the results of Fit & Fabulous!! AMAZING lost 8lbs first wrap! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! :) Ash252
I Love Fit and Fabulous!!!
I love Fit and Fabulous Bodywraps! I have been seeing Patrice, the Owner, since March 2013 and let me tell you, I have noticed a HUGE difference. Upon receiving my first bodywrap, I lost a total of 4 inches and 6 pounds. For each subsequent visit, I have continued to lose inches and pounds. Besides the weightloss, it is so RELAXING (especially since I see Patrice after a long day at work :]). Patrice is professional and cares about all of her clients, the facilities are clean and whenever you are there, the stressors of the world disappear. I would highly recommend Patrice! You won't forget it! Softballgal33
Fit & Fabulous Bodywraps is Wonderful
I have loved my experience with Fit & Fabulous Bodywraps. Patrice is great and goes beyond for you to have a great Bodywrap. After the first appointment I could tell a huge difference with the back fat and under the arms where it connects to my breasts. The ugly fat was gone. You can really see the difference in the stomach area and thighs. The cellulite has diminished, which is fantastic. I just had my 2nd appointment today and could tell a difference in the pictures. Tomorrow I should see a better change like before. I can't wait for my next appointment!147buckhead
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